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Growers and suppliers of Willow for Biomass, Cricket Bats, Basketry, Bio-Engineering. Amenity Planting & Foliage. Specialists in Arable Coppice.

We supply a very large range of  “Living & Non living” Willow


Non - Living (Dried Willow)

Non - Living materials are normally available all year round. Sizes range from very fine rods 1 meter long used for basketry and craft work, through to large 2.7 meter long rods typically used for woven panel construction. (As a general rule the longer the rod the thicker it is.)

Living Willow. (Fresh cut or Cold stored)

During the “Dormant period” usually from early winter through to March we are able to supply a wide range of living willow materials. This includes fine 1 year rods which might typically be used for “Fedges”(living Fence/Hedge), “Mazes” and small garden projects through to large poles 5-6 meters in length used in the construction of large “Domes”, “Archways”, and “Tee-Pees”.

For Customers who are unable to plant at the best time (Jan - Feb) we are usually able to offer a “Cold-Store” option, Remember though that it is always preferable to plant your living willow project during the dormant period. This gives the willow the longest possible first growing season to become established. Also be aware that newly planted willow will need a large amount of watering to ensure it does not dry out while it is establishing a good root system.

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